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Customers and investors have also started making greater demands, shipping companies such as Golden Ocean and Eagle Bulk tell ShippingWatch. Regulation Wed, 19 Jun 2019 07:22:11 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/regulation/article11452085.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY NIKLAS KRIGSLUND 2019-06-19T07:22:11Z true Monjasa owner earned millions in 2018: Expects improvement this year https://shippingwatch.com/secure/suppliers/article11452209.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk Sole owner of Monjasa Anders Østergaard booked a 2018 profit of almost USD 7 million in his private investment company. He has greater expectations for 2019, he tells ShippingWatch. Suppliers Wed, 19 Jun 2019 07:14:38 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/suppliers/article11452209.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY CHRISTIAN CARLSEN | SØREN PICO 2019-06-19T07:14:38Z true How Torben Carlsen will achieve DFDS' new strategy https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/article11450958.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk With a four-point business strategy, DFDS' new CEO has set his own ambitious goals for development and growth at the shipping company ahead of 2023. ShippingWatch provides an overview. Also, find the whole strategy below. Carriers Tue, 18 Jun 2019 13:53:14 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/article11450958.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY TRINE VESTERGAARD 2019-06-18T13:53:14Z true Major shipping banks impose climate requirements on shipping companies https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/article11448665.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk 11 of the world's biggest shipping banks now require shipping companies to meet certain climate targets in order to obtain financing. Maersk supports this decision and several Asian banks are expected to join. Carriers Mon, 17 Jun 2019 19:54:32 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/article11448665.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY CHRISTIAN CARLSEN 2019-06-17T19:54:32Z true Christiania Shipping ready to expand fleet following first profit https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Tanker/article11450317.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk Costs have been cut to the bone at Christiania Shipping, and with the first operating profit secured, the next step for the former Herning Shipping is to renew its fleet and maybe participate in consolidations. CEO Axel Eitzen expects black figures on the bottom line for this year as well, he tells ShippingWatch. Tanker Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:49:35 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Tanker/article11450317.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY SIMON VALEUR 2019-06-18T12:49:35Z true An offshore vessel costs less than half a million USD https://shippingwatch.com/secure/Offshore/article11450340.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk The value of offshore vessels has dropped considerably following the collapse of the oil price nearly five years ago. An older ship now costs less than USD 0.5 million, while the crisis has also kept newbuild prices in check, shows an evaluation by Vessels Value. Offshore Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:35:29 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/Offshore/article11450340.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY CHRISTIAN CARLSEN | SØREN PICO 2019-06-18T12:35:29Z true Efforts to salvage Thorco's wreck begin https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/article11450973.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk Six crew members died in 2015 when a Thorco vessel collided with a chemical tanker and sank. Singapore authorities have now cordoned off the area so the wreck can be salvaged. Carriers Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:54:31 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/article11450973.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY TRINE VESTERGAARD 2019-06-18T12:54:31Z true Hydrogen may play an important role in shipping from 2030 https://shippingwatch.com/secure/regulation/article11449905.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk The cost of producing hydrogen from renewable sources could go down significantly from 2030, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. Ports could play a key role in scaling up the use of hydrogen globally. Regulation Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:25:51 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/regulation/article11449905.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY SIMON VALEUR 2019-06-18T12:25:51Z true Fredriksen's Flex LNG debuts on NYSE https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Tanker/article11450639.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk John Fredriksen-owned tanker operator Flex LNG has debuted on the New York Stock Exchange, and the company is thereby listed in two countries. Tanker Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:15:37 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Tanker/article11450639.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY CHRISTIAN CARLSEN 2019-06-18T12:15:37Z true Gulf of Oman tanker attack could spike rates https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Tanker/article11450131.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk Last week's attack on two tanker vessels in the Gulf of Oman could cause tanker rates to spike significantly in the region, estimates analyst firm Platts. The increased risk could also cause an increase in insurance premiums. Tanker Tue, 18 Jun 2019 12:11:52 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Tanker/article11450131.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY SIMON VALEUR 2019-06-18T12:11:52Z true Swine fever and trade war lower China's soybean imports further https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Bulk/article11449440.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk Shipping organization Bimco predicts a tough outlook for the dry bulk sector, in which trade war and swine fever have caused Chinese imports of soybeans to drop significantly this year. Bulk Tue, 18 Jun 2019 09:13:03 GMT https://shippingwatch.com/secure/carriers/Bulk/article11449440.ece?utm_source=Feed&utm_medium=topLatest_swuk BY SIMON VALEUR 2019-06-18T09:13:03Z true